The Bitterest Pill is released every week or so, and you can subscribe for FREE.  Yeah, FREE.

There are several ways to get the show:


A lot of people use iTunes to subscribe to podcasts.  It’s free and chances are you already have it/use it.  You can either go to  the The Bitterest Pill page within the iTunes Music Store, or  simply  subscribe right now. That’s it.  Pretty easy.



If you want to listen on your smart phone, tablet, TiVo, etc., you should be able to add the THE BITTEREST PILL “feed” into whatever-the-heck you’re using to subscribe to podcasts.  The feed is:

Listen to The Pill on Stitcher!
Or, use the Stitcher app.  It’s easy.  Just click the logo to hear the show.  Done.

Please let me know how you’re using podcasts and I’ll let you know the easiest way to get the show.



Another great thing is that you can subscribe to our e-mail notification thingy (below). You’ll receive an e-mail every time a new show is available, along with any artwork from the blog and a link to click to download the show. It just can’t get any more simple than that!

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