THE BITTEREST PILL is an award-winning audio blog, hosted by humorist and actor DAN KLASS.   The first episode was published in early November 2004, and the show will soon celebrate it’s 300th edition.  Holy cow.

After several years of the episodes being only available to “Premium Pill” subscribers, The Bitterest Pill is currently free.

The formerly “premium” episodes are locked away in the vault, soon to once again be release as part of the PILLBOX series.  PILLBOX and PILLBOX TOO will be available again soon, quickly followed by PILLBOX 3: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, and PILLBOX 4: NO CLEVER TITLE.

The easiest way to subscribe to THE BITTEREST PILL is via iTunes.  We’re currently working on apps for mobile devices.  Click the SUBSCRIBE link above for more info.

Dan is in his…fifth year of hoping to adapt THE BITTEREST PILL into a video series or short film or some such.  We’ll see if this is the year.  Breath holding not advised.


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