#360: This is the End (of Season One)

Your Need

This is the last episode of Season One of The Bitterest Pill.

This episode isn’t an episode, so much as an explanation of the college financial aid process.  My apologies.

As you may or may not have heard, I will be inducted into the Podcaster Hall of Fame this August.  Hard to believe, I know.  Apparently, there’s a lot to be said for never having the good sense to give up…

Season 2 will start after June 1st.  Between now and then, I am gonna make a short film… (it’s that time of year again)

MUSIC: Lunar Orbit by Monkey Warhol

2 thoughts on “#360: This is the End (of Season One)

  1. Dan,

    This is Jay in Tallahassee Florida. I’ve only left you two to three messages throughout these 14 years. Being this my third message I really want to say how much you moved me when you listed the names of all the different podcasters that were the pioneers. I want to reminded you that you are better than most of the newcomers that are now famous. Because of your pioneering efforts you are now being honored in the Hall of Fame. You are the Jackie Robinson of podcasting. I will never forget the day that you listed those names. Dave Slusher, Dawn and Drew, Adam Curry, the Italian woman, Etc, I remember them all as if they’re a part of my life. And I was moved almost to tears because of the fact of it showed me how far I’ve come in my life during these last 15 years. How fast life moves along. And I was there at the very beginning with you and the rest of the pioneers. I wish you all the very best in your new Endeavors in life. I too have a lot of new things going on here in Tallahassee; new job daughter growing up to be teenager and yes the teenager going to college in the next four years. Thanks for all the advice. I’ll never stop listening as long as you keep putting it out there.



    1. Jay, I am going to assume you’ve sent me two or three messages and I’ve NEVER written you back. Sounds about right. PLEASE don’t take it personally.
      THANKS for the great message. It means a lot. I was just looking at the last couple of podcasts and realizing I’ve put out WAY TOO FEW in the past 12 months. Embarrassing. I owe you.

      Good luck with the teenager. Having a teenage daughter is something I should cover in GREAT detail next time…

      – dK

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