(VIDEO) #360: This is the End (of Season One)

I really need to go to bed.  I’m tired and I’m driving to Arizona tomorrow.  Yes, of course, I’m sure the drive will be covered, IN AGONIZING DETAIL, in the podcast…

I REALLY, REALLY, REEEEEEAAALLLY wanted to get a show out today.  But, as usual, a dance competition, getting the dog groomed for the first time, picking up Hudson at school after having been away for a week and work got in the way.

BUT – I did an impromptu live stream of the recording session on Facebook…


I theoretically have a pretty good web cam, but this looks like crap.  Don’t worry, I’ve spent a LOT of time over the last month (while I wasn’t podcasting, apparently) working out the video situation in the studio.

This is the last episode of Season One of The Bitterest Pill.

Season 2 will start after June 1st.  Between now and then, I am gonna make a short film… (it’s that time of year again)

Talk soon!


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