#359: Eleven University

bad notebookI’ve been trying to figure out how to buy a computer on the cheap.  I finally woke up from my Apple-induced hypnotic state to realize I’m paying about double what I could be for a laptop.

And, my worst nightmare has come true.  The one thing I’ve been dreading would happen since October happened.  The good news: I wasn’t riddled with anxiety for no reason…

I bought the laptop from B&H.


PS: There is no Bitterest Pill #357.  I guess I skipped that one…

3 thoughts on “#359: Eleven University

  1. You’re doing yourself a favor moving from Apple. The newest computers they have SOLDERED in the hard drives and memory so they cannot be removed or upgraded!!

    Alternately, Adobe makes great software for video editing and audio editing.

  2. John, Adobe was part of what started me thinking about leaving the cult. I was thinking of making the leap to Premiere/After Effects (still not convinced FCP X was a good idea) and thought, wait, if I’m using Adobe software, I can run that on a MUCH cheaper machine…

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