#320: Jeff

Grand Prix in a cornfield

To Jeff Newland.  I talk about double dating with Jenny and CC, being pushed into an intersection, getting my first and only nickname and the power of stopping to think where you are.

Places mentioned include Turk Hill Road, Irondequoit Hots, House of Guitars, Eastview Mall, Perinton Square Mall, Sibley’s, McCurdy’s, Friendly’s and who knows what else.

5 thoughts on “#320: Jeff

  1. Great episode. It’s important to celebrate and remember those who’ve had an impact on us, and you’ve hit it with this one.

  2. Sorry to hear about Jeff. 🙁 Also sorry I have been absent for a while. My father passed away suddenly at the end of September after being in hospital/hospice for two weeks – undetected cancer – even though he went to the dr. all the time. Now overseeing care for mom with dementia. Just downloaded like the last 4 because I desperately need to laugh. Less than jacked for the holidays – bring on the alcohol.

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