Death in the Family

Jeff_Newland_roundedLong time personal friend and friend of the show, Jeffrey Newland, was killed earlier this week.  The circumstances surrounding his death are mysterious and the police are still investigating, but they have ruled his death a homicide.

He was a very smart and funny man who dedicated his life to helping others.  I am crushed by this loss and my heart aches for his wife and sons and extended family.

Jeff was one of the small handful of guests I’ve ever had on the show, so I thought it relevent to include this news here.  He was on episode #215: Smoke and Rear View Mirrors in late July, 2010.

I am still in Stage One of the grieving process: Denial.  I keep expecting to wake up, or find out this was a joke, that Jeff is pulling an elaborate prank on me with skillfully edited video tapes and the help of all our friends and classmates.  But, he wouldn’t do that…

Happy Trails, Jeff Newland.  (He’ll understand what that means)

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