#313: Squirrelly Squirrel Got Squirrelly and Died

bad birdie

We just had a holiday weekend, so the same thing happened that happens every holiday weekend: a major appliance went belly up.  Turns out, if you put 20 lbs of dry ice in your warm refridgerator it’ll get cold.  Maybe forever.

Hugo’s arch nemisis has taunted him from above for the last time.  Apparently, the Squirrel Who Shall Not Be Named (because I refuse to give him a name) has chattered his laster chatter at us.  And, for the record, dear animal kingdom, I did not kill the squirrel.

I saw my agents, in person and on screen, past and present.  Ugg.


(I”ve reposted the MP3 for this episode.  The original upload had echo in it that was not supposed to be there.  Sorry for the inconvenience and for sounding like I was talking into a coffee can)

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