4 thoughts on “#189: Where the Wild Things Aren’t, Doctors

  1. Great story Dan, but that can’t be legal can it, barring you from a show because of a union membership? And can they stop you acting a in a movie if you are not a union member?

    What the hell is going on there – are the mob in charge?…it’s like 1930’s Chicago!! Did the 20th century not happen there? I know i am living in a continent where people have employment rights enshrined in legislation – the right to seek work being one, but are you not supposed to be the land of the free and all that? Free, as long as you are a union member.

  2. It’s just a money thing. They don’t pay their guests, but would have to pay me because I am a union member. Even though I’m not there as a “performer,” the union would require that I’m paid at least scale. Or so they say…

  3. Dan,
    Sorry I’m behind. It was so weird to hear you “call me out.” I got all giggly. Anyway, yes I want to see the part of five clips, and since you worked with Jennifer Love Hewitt, I wanted to know if they looked as good in person 🙂


  4. …but you’re not being paid, and are appearing in a private capacity. I can’t see whose rights the union is protecting. What a crazy country!!

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