#149: Nine and a Half Years

The kids and I went to Target to shop for Halloween decor, ate burgers, played with dry ice and realized that half time has passed.

We had snacks at the Starbucks inside the Target.  Better than having lunch at the McDonalds inside the Home Depot.

20 thoughts on “#149: Nine and a Half Years

  1. haha, yeah dan…all the targets have starbucks here too. i am in the OC. even better, is the target that was just a couple blocks from me just closed and moved 2 more blocks down the road. the old target? not busy, super nice, no starbucks, fast and simple. the new target? super busy, way too big, too much of an ordeal, and not only does it have a starbucks…it has a pizza hut too!

  2. Dan, very touching episode. Really puts things in perspective. My oldest daughter is the same age so I completely understand. Of course, not only will I miss her but I am scared about paying for college. Let’s pray for LARGE scholarships. 🙂

  3. dan, dan, dan – you have a full decade+ left w/ both of them around daily but then even when they’re off at college they’ll still be around – college schedules are much shorter than elementary & high school – they come back home a lot to see friends (pets and parents too) – they have a month break in winter and from may to sept off for summer – enjoy ever age they’re all wonderful…

    my oldest is 19 & in his second yr of college, he chose a school 1 1/2hr away so he comes home some weekends – he emails, skypes, im’s & sms’s also – he’s on his own but still a part of our tribe…

    our 16 y/o is a jr in hs – he’s driving so out and about a lot – that gets you used to empty nest too…

    they’ll always be your kids even when you’re old as dirt dude, so relax and enjoy the ride 🙂

  4. Dan, I’m a few years closer to that date than you are. Enjoy the days. Build the bonds. If the connection is there, it will stick.

    This is just another example where we think do ourselves “Oh, this is what it was like for our parents. I never realized.”

  5. Dan,
    Wow. That got really heavy.
    We have a son who is now 23, so we’ve already been through this.
    I’m the only dad he’s known since he was 4, I am his dad.
    He’s coming up to stay overnight and help around the house (due to me being in recovery from the car crash).
    Make the most of all the time you have, and you have as much as anyone has.
    It’s good that you care so deeply, and the you have such a great relationship with your son.
    I wish I had a dad who cared as much as either of us.
    My dad is currently in hospital after having a heart attack (he’s in New Zealand).
    He left when I was 7 to live down under.
    Hudson is very blessed, as are you.
    All the time you have will be something to be treasured.
    You will have a lifetime.

    – Paul

  6. Dan,
    The wife and I agree this may be your best work. We are in countdown mode, too, with our eldest being slightly older than H. She walked in on me nagging him for something stupid and said, sniffling, “Eight more years.” I shut up quickly.

  7. Really emotional Dan. almost had me in tears too. I had a conversation the other day with my 5 year old son that shook me – he said out of the blue that when i was 50 he would be a man (he will be 16), and it jolted me much like you.

    There are exceptions – I left home at almost 30!

    We have Inset days here too – In Service Training. Lazy bastards – anyone else would schedule training in the 6 to 8 weeks they have off in the summer or the end of term breaks, but no, they usually start a term with an inset day, requiring parents to use up more holiday or pay for expensive childcare.

    We even had a case here the other week when a school told the parents they were taking 2 inset days in a row, and, instead of training in school, they planned to go to Spain as they claimed the costs were cheaper (than a school that costs them nothing more than normal…). thankfully, after protests, they said they would do the training in school…

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  9. It’s been awhile since I listened to Pill. This was my first one back…wow.

    And this is coming off a blow up with my 8 y.o. boy yesterday…gosh he’s only 8.

    Thanks, Dan. You help put things back in perspective.

  10. It’s true if you are not careful you can get what you wish for. I have a friend his 32 and still leaves at home.

    He has no hopes of going to college right now? I hope he change his mind.

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