Welcome our new sponsor!

Sure I stole the idea (like so many others, I’m sure) from Joseph Jaffe of Across the Sound podcast (what exactly is across the sound from Westport, CT? Long Island? And, so…?). Sure, I was braced to face the gigantic possibility that nobody would take me up on the iPhone sponsorship offer, and yet…

The deadline was today, and today I got a call.

From now until the end of October, The Bitterest Pill will be both sponsored by and supporting of B Movie Books, a publisher of cool and crazy hardcovers and paperbacks sure to please pulp fanatics everywhere. See the ad to the right to see what I mean.

So, special thanks to our new BFF, publisher and author Scott Mercer and the folks at B Movie Books. You’ll be hearing a lot from Scott in the weeks to come. And, in the mean time, check out Hollywood: Murder City USA and Bigfoot Vs. Chupacabras (now in paperback).

11 thoughts on “Welcome our new sponsor!

  1. Dan! Im so proud! I didnt think you were going to get your way with this idea at all! Congrats for your Iphone. Your first step towards becoming the new Howard Stern.

    Hope to listen to a new podcast soon!


  2. Dan-

    You are my hero for pulling this off. Do you think you’ll get reception within the walls of your colon?!?!

    Can’t wait for the next show,


  3. Dan, please, you have not published a show in almost a month. At least post a comment telling us that you are alive. I’m fine without a show but this has been worrying me all week. I’ve listened to every episode from 48-109 almost what seems like a million times. Please tell me you are alive.

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