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#325: Your Pollo is Driving Me Loco (a.k.a. U2, Bruté?)

Len Selfie

On this edition of THE BITTEREST PILL, we catch up on a bit of internet news and discuss how horrible it is that Apple put U2′s new album on everyone’s phone without asking first (they didn’t, actually) and how Mark Zuckerberg wants all drag queens to change their profiles on Facebook so they use their “given” names and not their stage names (he did, actually).  Don’t worry, it’s for your protection.

I tell the story of working with a Muppet, by way of talking about when I first worked with the Muppets (from a great distance) back in the late ’80′s.  Video to follow, someday.

And I talk about going to Hudson’s school in hopes of seeing a couple of movie stars, but only ended up seeing a guy I didn’t recognize.  At first…


NEW! #324: The Results of Heat Prostration

I was very hot telling this story about being very hot, and then seeing a woman who was very hot… Listen, I agree, it’s been WAY too long since the last new Pill.  I won’t let it happen again. Since we last spoke, so much/nothing at all has happened, so I thought I’d just tellContinue Reading

PILLBOX #147: Triple Funky Action Protection

(Originally podcast Sept. 2008) Yes, my wife has the honor of being amoung the 2 million or so lucky winners of the “An Employee of Countrywide Stole All Your Personal Data and Sold It on the Black Market” game!   Hey, guess what you won?  A week long trip for you and your spouse into CustomerContinue Reading

The Site was Down, Now it’s Up

The website at was down and I didn’t even know it.  Now, it’s been fixed-ish. Hopefully the whole system will be back up and running soon, but with Christmas a mere moment away, I wouldn’t hold my breath. If you don’t hear from me soon, you’ll hear from me soon, just less soon thanContinue Reading

Death in the Family

Long time personal friend and friend of the show, Jeffrey Newland, was killed earlier this week.  The circumstances surrounding his death are mysterious and the police are still investigating, but they have ruled his death a homicide. He was a very smart and funny man who dedicated his life to helping others.  I am crushedContinue Reading