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Untitled Compromise

#355: Untitled Compromise/The New Neutral

PT. 1: What happens when anxiety, procrastination and the Sophomore Slump collide? A short film not ironically entitled “Untitled Compromise.” PT. 2: The election. Don’t worry, it’s pH balanced…I think.

coke addict - 166

PILLBOX: #166: My Name is Dan and I’m a (Diet) Coke Addict

New episodes coming soon.  This one was originally released in March, 2009… The New York Times is finally right.  I am an addict… This time we discuss iPhone app management woes, NetFlix, […]


BONUS: Interview with “The Northbound Saga” creator/producer Seth Anderson

Here is my interview with SETH ANDERSON, the creator of The Northstar Saga.  I was going to wait and include this as part of the next episode of The Bitterest Pill, […]

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THE BITTEREST PILL returns next week! Yes, I’m back.  The kids are back in school, the ventilation system is installed in Studio G, and all the anxiety of trying to […]

summer hiatus


THE BITTEREST PILL is on summer hiatus.  Every year I struggle to keep up with the show and threaten to go on hiatus, but this year I’ve actually done it. […]


Patrons get the recording session videos right away

Apparently these days it’s taking me a while (too damned long) to get these shows out.  I record The Bitterest Pill every Thursday, but sometimes the episodes sit in post-production […]

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