#338: Señor Senior and the Trip to the Floor

Leg Photos

They kept talking about the Senior Center.  I didn’t know we even had a Senior Center. Is that what the strange building is next to the library?  The one that looks like a windowless Pizza Hut? Well, I heard they have a stage, and to find out if it’s true, I actually have to go into the Senior Center.  And face myself.

Senior Center Stage

I get bronchitis at least once a year.  This year it was pretty bad.  Usually, with the help of some meds, I win.  I won again this year, but it was almost a TKO.

Don’t tell the kids, they don’t need to know.

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Ten Years Ago – WGBH’s “Morning Stories” with Tony Kahn

Ten years ago, Tallu and I were interviewed by radio legend Tony Kahn’s for “Morning Stories” on WGBH, Boston. Well, I was interviewed, Tallu just kept interupting.  She was younger then, and just didn’t understand dealing with the media.   I’ve always really enjoyed my chats with Tony, and can’t believe it’s been ten years…

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