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#156: Slightly Clever Title About Movies

(Originally released Nov. 2008) All I really want to do is sit and watch a movie without it seeming like I’m into racist porn.  I need to get out of the tiny circle I travel in, so Melissa and I decide to go see a movie a couple towns away.  I think.

If you want to see a good movie, see Slumdog Millionaire (in theaters) or The Visitor (on DVD).  Don’t read about them, don’t watch the trailers, just go.

I have sworn off trailers:  If you know the ending before you even see the begining, you are only watching to see how they get there.  If you don’t know the ending until the ending, you may actually enjoy the ride.

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PILLBOX #155: Mos Hi Def

Well, we finally did it: we went hi-def. After years of research, stalling, criticizing the state of the art and worrying about replacing our kids’ DVD collection, we bit the bullet.  We are now the proud owners of a large (for us) flat-screen LCD TV.  Of course, since I was involved, its purchase and installationContinue Reading

PILLBOX #154: Fix It, Now

(Originally released Nov. 2008) Best wishes to everyone who is dealing in one way or another with the devastating fires here in Southern California.  Shortly after recording this show, I heard that our friend Doug Price from  The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd lost his home in the fires.  Then, shortly after, I received aContinue Reading

Fresh Old PILLBOX episodes!

Expect fresh old PILLBOX episode every Wednesday in (most of) December.  Yes, there are still hours and hours of old (premium) THE BITTEREST PILL episodes that have never been released (for free) into the wild.  They were part of the (currently unavailable) PILLBOX collections of past episodes, and are not being released weekely for free.Continue Reading

Thanks for a great 10 YEARS!

    Thanks to everyone who wished THE BITTEREST PILL a happy 10th Anniversary!  I really appreciate everyone’s support.  It’s been an honor to meet and entertain so many great people over the last decade.  You’re the best.  Now if we could just get Twitter to unhack my account…