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PILLBOX #152: Raising Show Dogs

(Originally podcast Oct. 2008) Please don’t make me go to any more school meetings.  They always last just long enough for another parent to prove they are an idiot.

You have to decide: is it more important for parenting to be easy for you, or for your child’s upbringing to help them become a self sufficient adult?  Should you avoid having to say “no,” or should you view each “no” as an opportunity to teach your child priorities/self control/money management?

If your child faces challenges while under your care, they will be more capable to face challenges when they’re not.

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PILLBOX 151: Bad to the Bone (part two)

Our story continues with the call from the kids’ school.  Yes, Princess T. got into a “tête-à-tête” with a wall, and her tête lost the fight.  It’s okay, I rushed her to Beverly Hills and actually found parking on the street.  Phew…

PILLBOX 150: Bad to the Bone (part one)

(Oct. 2008) With Melissa out of town, it gets harder to juggle kids, my podcasting job and, oh wait, an audition?  Hmmm.  Everything has to happen at the same time.  Everything. If you’ve never checked out Hollywood Podcast, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Seriously.  Check it out.

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