(NEW) #331: Melophobia Americana


Back to the podcast after being away, working on a short “film.”  I hesitate to call it a short “film,” since I haven’t seen a piece of actual film since 1999.  But, since everyone else seems to use that word everytime they whip out their iPhone to “film” their kid at the playground (by holding the damned thing vertically.  STOP!), I’m going to acquiesce and get on with my life…

I made a short film in two weeks, as part of this year’s Collaborative Filmmakers Challenge (no apostrophe). If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you know how the story ends.  You just don’t know the details… :)

While recording this episode, I simultaneously broadcast using Periscope, an app for your smartphone where you can send and receive streaming video.  Still working out the kinks, but I think it worked and will continue to try it out.  I think everyone that stopped by could see me, and when the video was posted to Periscope, it was from the opposite side of my camera.  Huh?  I’ll work it out… (follow me @danklass)


PS: I have lived in Los Angeles so long, when I say “horrible weather,” I mean “It’s been overcast.”


I Don’t Know How to Use Patreon


Thank you again to all of The Bitterest Pill’s Patreon supporters.  Now, if you’re wondering why, even though I’ve put out three shows since setting up the Patreon account, no funds have been taken from your account to support the show, there is a very good reason for that.  I am stupid. I didn’t post…

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