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#352: I’ll Never Know the Truth

I understand why the dog wants to be outside all day, I just don’t think he understands why that’s not possible. Or why my wife committed that drive-by… This show […]


#351: A Prescription for Tide Pools

All I need to do is pick up Melissa’s prescription.  Shouldn’t be that hard, right? Hudson and I go looking for tide pools, but all we find is the tide.

Dan & Hudson

#350: Dan & Hudson Have No Answers

  Hudson Klass visits the garage to discuss school, careers, art and money.

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Patrons get the recording session videos right away

Apparently these days it’s taking me a while (too damned long) to get these shows out.  I record The Bitterest Pill every Thursday, but sometimes the episodes sit in post-production […]

Where's Dan?

#349 has been fixed

So, the mp3 originally published for show #349: Surprise? was all kinds of messed up.  A large portion of the show was missing. The file currently available has been fixed, and should include the entire […]


I broke the website

It’s a long story (episode 344), but I broke the old website.  This is the new website.  It is a work in progress.  I wanted to make sure something was […]

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