Teaser Trailer: “96 Souls”

96_Souls_capIf you’re a listener of The Bitterest Pill podcast, you might remember me telling the story of getting a last-minute acting job on a movie about a year or so ago.  Of course, the day long shoot had to be exactly when Melissa would be in Spain, so I had to get a friend to drive our daughter to school, and our son would have to take Uber.  The shoot went well, but I couldn’t stop sweating, worrying the heir to the Klass fortune (all $237 worth) was being murdered in an unregulated Toyota Prius somewhere.

Apparently a couple weeks ago, a teaser trailer hit the internet.  You can watch it on YouTube or Vimeo. I’m actually in the teaser, pushing up my glasses which have slipped down from all the perspiration…


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