2017 Hall of Fame Inductee? But…

I’m very honored it was announced today I will be inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. Holy cow.

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The Bitterest Pill #359: Eleven University

My worst nightmare has come true. The one thing I’ve been dreading would happen since October happened. The good news: I wasn’t riddled with anxiety for no reason…

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I make my own.  I help other people make them.  I teach people how to make them...


Producing, directing and editing on-line video.


Developing and producing my college level podcasting course.

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Things People Wrote…

“Actor and comedian Dan Klass whines hilariously about his day-to-day life as a stay-at-home-dad in Los Angeles…Always funny, poignant and well observed, [The Bitterest Pill is] an off-the-cuff improvisation about the joys of being a father…””

Radio Times (UK)

“If you haven’t listened to Dan Klass’ show, The Bitterest Pill, please do so right away for a large dose of laughs, fatherly insights, and easy to digest bile from one of the smartest minds in podcasting.”

“Why is this endearing? It just is…” “Sublime”

The New York Times

“Podcast Pick”

Business Week

“[Dan Klass is] Balding”

Entertainment Weekly