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I saw my spot…

I saw the commercial I shot about a year ago.  It’s awesome.  It never aired and I’m broke but it’s awesome.  Wish I could show it to you but […]


Support THE BITTEREST PILL on Patreon

It’s true, I need your support (and not just emotional support).  You can now support THE BITTEREST PILL podcast (financially) by becoming a patron via Patreon.  Finally, you can patronize […]


The Quota goes to South Carolina

The Quota is a finalist for Best Comedy, and Susan Ruttan is nominated for Best Actress in the 2015 Beaufort International Film Festival in Beaufort, South Carolina.

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What I’m doing?


I act. On purpose. In front of cameras.


I fill your ears with my crazy, in the form of THE BITTEREST PILL podcast.  Now in it’s 11th year.  Holy cow…


I used to be a comedian. I am back at it.  I’m in hiding now, but I’ll let you know when I’m not…